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Aunty Tara + Lilly’s birthday. Baked a carrot cake, bought some daffodils. Lunch at Great Grandad’s. Met two week old Arthur ! So tiny. Ruben has started to stroke people’s faces. Interacting differently. First swimming lesson. Key words; kick, splash + ready, go ! Floated in the water on his own, minimal support. He wasn’t so sure. I think he likes seeing what other people are up to. We met lots of other babies his age. He had a huge nap (an hour and a half) after I gave him two breakfasts + a feed. So I cleaned the kitchen top to bottom. Birthday party for Lilly. Aunty Lola and Grandma were there too. Ruben tried a breadstick for the first time. Pass the parcel, sitting on Rhys’ lap. Cuddles with everyone. Trip to Aberystwyth, coffee with Metson on the harbour.  

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