The Itinerants, Old Police Station (2015)

The Itinerants was an A|D|M exhibition held for five days in The Old Police Station, Deptford.

Venue: The Old Police Station *

Benedicta Antwi | Reza Bagheri | Harriet Baggley | Jolene Durante | Liz Murphy | Olivia HallerRachel KinsmanSarah CossarSteph ShawSvetlana Petrovska | Alma Silva | Andrea Kenny | Lauren Adams | Jessica Robinson | Adamo Corazza | Andrea MoranMaxi TaylorNadia Bajwa | Layla Ward-Dudley | Marianne Carlens | Naphat Chianpaisanjaroen | Rob Miller

* The Old Police Station – This old Edwardian Deptford police station no longer houses criminals, but instead it has been transformed into a DIY arts centre. It is an unique environment for artists to create and display their artworks; in this sense, The Old Police Station is another example of contemporary art occupying abandoned spaces. There are 42 artist studios and independent project spaces available. A heady array of happenings can be found here. For example, one may encounter art installations, exhibitions in police cells, gigs and supper clubs.






Harriet Baggley’s body of work consisted of:





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