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Cousin Fraser’s Naming Ceremony took place on Sunday; Ruben slept the whole way through ! Fraser is eight months old now, and was very interested in Ruben. Cousin Cameron asked a lot of questions about the stray balloon on the ceiling throughout the ceremony, which made everyone laugh. It was a lovely day, where family came together to show their support for each other. Aunty Tara took Ruben to see the fairy lights on the Christmas Tree (as he loves looking at different, bright lights). Tom + I went on the bouncy castle and laughed uncontrollably until I laughed so much that I gave myself a stitch.

On the way home, we took Ruben to IKEA in Cardiff and picked up a couple of things for the house. Tom showed him all the soft play toys.

Ruben + I had our belated six week, health visitor appointment at the local doctor’s surgery. Ruben was weighed at 9lbs 8oz (he was born 7lbs 12oz) + it turned out that his health visitor was also mine when I was a baby ! Her name is Carol. Ruben was booked in for his first set of immunisations too.

The weather has turned much colder this week, it’s feeling a lot more like Winter. We had to wrap up really warm; those gifted, hand knits came in very useful. Surrounding us is the constantly changing Welsh landscape; with it’s ash branches + coppery leaves, the hint of Autumn lingering behind.

This eight week old babe no longer fits comfortably on our laps, laying down, anymore. He has not been quite as grizzly as last week but he is still quick to turn the waterworks on !



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