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Aunty Siân moved out of her flat + into our new house this week; there were lots of trips in the vans and to-ing and fro-ing to coffee shops. But we all managed ! Even if we did get her bed frame wedged in the staircase at one point…

Ruben has had his very first smile this week (Aunty Tara even caught one on video). Although for every up there is a down, as they say. His cries are changing, more vocal. Almost like he has finally found his newborn cry. He especially dislikes putting his cardigan on to go outdoors. But as soon as we are in the van, he is fast asleep ! The same goes for bath time. He cries his little heart out whilst getting unchanged and as soon as he is underwater, his big, blues eyes widen and he settles down.

Sandy Lamb, one of Tom’s clients, brought in a present for Ruben; a grey, handspun + hand knitted blanket. So, so cosy. Ruben adores it.

We also managed to do a tiny amount of Christmas shopping in Carmarthen with Hen Gigi + Grandma.


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