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Pancakes for breakfast on Sunday + hung out in the vans all day. Tom ripped out the interior of Iggy + found damp under boards. Took Pearl for an MOT, and found the side section had rusted through – which means the scrapyard, unfortunately ! Spent Monday morning with cousins, at Nanny’s house. We all watched Ruben lift his legs upwards. Nanny says it looks like he is trying to sit himself up. Grandma stopped by and we made pureed apple and mango for Ruben’s lunch. He now eats three meals a day plus his usual feeds. It’s amazing how much more co-ordinated he is now, especially after looking at videos of him at 14 weeks. Teething bouts. I spent Thursday juggling my time between a tearful Ruben and baking cakes (to give to Molly + Rhys to say congratulations and to Aunty Tara + Lilly to say happy birthday). Aunty Lola is down for half term so she popped in with Grandma, Lilah and Doris for a little while. Storm Doris ! Trees falling, wind howls. 

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