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Saturday was spent with Grandad + Grandma Ireland; brunch at PHX, dropped into the city to do some shopping (Ruben wasn’t very impressed!), KC Peaches for coffee + cake and Eddie Rocket’s for dinner. Ruben was much happier in Eddie Rocket’s! Sunday was spent in the Irish countryside, a trip to a beautiful, independent café called Hazelhouse. Delicious breakfast + even nicer cakes. Then Grandma drove us to Powerscourt Waterfall, which was delightful aside from all of the selfie-takers. Grandad, Roo + I went for a little walk around the grounds. Monday was a very long day but Roo did amazingly well; at one point I knitted baby socks whilst Ruben sat in my lap, watching, and we chatted to a gentleman about his knitted, yellow hat from Japan. Tom picked us up from the station + we collected Poppet from Nanny’s house. Grandad Ireland said what a lovely, little character Ruben is getting. I now have a full blown cold + Roo is fighting off his very first one ! Extra snuffly, and the cutest cough. He smiles at you, when you fake cough back at him. 

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