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Ruben + I visited Hen Gigi’s house. She kindly gave Ruben a hand-knitted, stuffed rabbit, named ‘Portland’, in the hope that Ruben will follow in her footsteps and be a part of the same secondary school house. I had no idea that this was a family tradition, to be in Portland, so I ended up in Tyglyn ! Grandma Birmingham was at Hen Gigi’s house too, as they had been to visit a property to rent. Grandma put the deposit down the same morning.

A little get-together was arranged at Cwmtydu beach, as a farewell and good luck to Aunty Siân. It rained a lot, so the beach was pretty quiet. I couldn’t believe how colourful the stones were in the rain, we even managed to collect some sea glass + weathered pottery. Ruben’s cousins were fascinated by the sea mammal carcass that had been washed up (we couldn’t distinguish whether it was a seal or a dolphin). 

I drove us to Birmingham again, to see Grandad Birmingham, Uncle Max, Aunty Lola + Aunty Ava. We even managed to squeeze in a quick visit to see Uncle Edward + Aunty Hazel in Stoke. We went for lunch in a place called Cappello Lounge, where I had halloumi and sweetcorn fritters. Back in Great Barr, we met all of Grandad Birmingham’s friends. Timmy + Eddy brought cheese and biscuits and we talked about ‘parakeets in the park’. Ruben was a very good boy considering it was quite late, he even laughed at Debs pretending to cough. The following evening, Aunty Lola helped me bath Ruben. We walked around Sutton Park with Grandad Birmingham and his friend Andy, who brought Blitz with him. The weather forecast was for snow; low + behold it snowed as we drove the higher ground outside of Aberystwyth.

(above; taken by Tom) (above; taken by Tom)(above; taken by Aunty Siân)


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