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How has it only been a week since I talked about Ruben’s first Christmas ?! That feels like a million years ago.

We spent New Year in our dressing gowns, watching the fireworks in London on the television with Aunty Siân + moaning about the government’s use of tax money (I’m pretty sure we do this every year !) Also, we don’t live in our dressing gowns; it’s Winter, and it’s comforting. Which is why we asked Nanny to get one for Ruben for Christmas.

Tom started the new year  by driving to Port Talbot to pick up his niece + nephews (Ruben’s cousins that stayed for Christmas) whilst Aunty Tara worked a night shift. We also looked after Poppet this week; she loves the garden at our new house. Tom took Poppet + Ruben for a walk in our local area, probably the same route we took on Christmas day !

The stars were spectacularly abundant on Monday night, so I tried taking a few photographs. I’ve only done it once before, so it took a while but it was wonderful spending time under them and spotting constellations you don’t always see.

The next day, Tom had an unexpected day off so he spent it with the vans and showed Ruben + I how he was doing the oil change and then showed us the state of Francois’ air filter. All jargon to me, but it makes me super happy to see him working with vans. He also decided to spray paint some of Francois with black chalk paint ! It looks like it should always have been that way. This is what I partly love about having older vehicles, you can do whatever you want with them without being too precious.

On Wednesday, Ruben had his second lot of immunisations at the local doctors surgery. This time there was only one injection in the thigh + the orally given one (which he doesn’t even bat an eyelid to); his health visitor said that he won’t have any problems with weaning !

After several conversations with family + friends about weaning; Tom + I decided to try Ruben  with his first ‘meal’ this week. He has already been trying new foods over the last few weeks; grapes, banana (which he pulls a face at), orange, yogurt, tomatoes. Only very small tastes, but enough to give him a sense of it.

So, I made a butternut squash + spinach lasagne (thankyou Jamie Oliver) with boiled potatoes and broccoli for Tom, Aunty Siân and myself. Ruben was given potato, broccoli and some of the tomato sauce from the lasagne all blended together. We popped his new bib on, and gave it a go.. He absolutely loved it! Not too much mess either, considering it was his first time.

The next morning I tried him on baby rice but he didn’t like that all; he pulled some funny faces and didn’t look like he enjoyed it very much at all. So we danced around the house, listening to Bear’s Den on vinyl instead. bright_stars_01 francois_02francois_01ruben_065 ruben_066squash_lasagneruben_064ruben_067ruben_069

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