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Ruben + I travelled home in Francois at the beginning of the week. We still hadn’t managed to buy a Christmas tree, so we made our way to Newcastle Emlyn to pick this year’s tree ! It was spitting with rain by the time we got there, making the pine scent even more potent. We decided on our tree much quicker this year (last year we bought a little, potted one) and lifted it into the back of Iggy the VW T4. At home, we put the tree in it’s space for the Winter and could’t believe what a perfect fit it was for the living room.

An unexpected parcel arrived from my University friend, Lauren. She had included some beautiful gifts + cards for the three of us. My favourite was the card, addressed to Ruben, which said ‘Welcome to Earth’ in silver lettering.

Whilst visiting Nanny’s house, she suggested that I check Ruben’s gums as he has been dribbling an awful lot more lately ! Low + behold, he has his two canine teeth coming through already, such a shock. I wasn’t expecting any teeth for a little while.

We met up with Jess, her daughter Daisy + Molly (who is carrying baby Arthur; due in February). We walked down to Pen Wig, New Quay, exchanged Christmas cards and caught up over cups of tea and hot chocolate ! Daisy tried sharing her crisps with Ruben and we had to explain that she could share them with him when he was older !


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