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Craft Matters: Crafts Council

Why does Craft Matter and what is this project? 

“We know that 17% of the population takes part in a craft activity each year. Craft Matters is an initiative to show this support in a visually exciting way, to demonstrate the enthusiasm and passion contained in that 17% and to convey what craft means to millions of people. At the Crafts Council, we believe that craft plays a dynamic and vigorous role in the UK’s social, economic, educational and cultural life, and that everyone should have the opportunity to make, see, collect and learn about why craft matters.

If Craft Matters to you, share it by adding a banner to your blog or website!”

Why does Craft Matter to me?

Craft is empowering and multi-faceted; sometimes it is a personal decision to take a step back, about engaging with like-minded people in my local community or even a small act of protest against the ever-growing consumer culture and the abundance of our society. It will always be about connecting the head with the hands and those meditative moments.

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