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Flamboyance : Praha 1

A presence. Present. Being. Wake up with light. First morning. Host said it would be sunnier. Grab a coffee. Walk through the park, metro next. Make a decision.

Old Town. Get stopped, offered a ‘Segway’ tour. Only city I’ve visited where there are so many, yet such an inappropriate place with its cobbled streets. Might not be clear tomorrow. Climb the Town Hall Tower. See people we know on the way up.

Narrow, spiral staircase. One at a time. Crowd control. Selfie sticks and smiles. Spectacular views. Serene. Sky. Lauren starts waving. “Hey, I think that’s Rob + Duncan!” The people we saw on the way up. Sat in a rooftop café. Serendipity.

Meet for a guided tour. Cubist café. Only one to laugh at guide’s joke: ‘even the coffee cups are square!’ Next up, Čern’s moving sculpture of Kafka. Mesmerising.

Metro. Tram. Prague Castle. “Do you know who used to live in this building? Lions!” the guide says, in his strong Czech accent. See the excitement bubble up from behind his eyes. Step into St. Vitus cathedral. Temperature drop. Extraordinary stained glass windows. Mucha. 1930’s. Gothic frescoes and ceiling vaults. A developing sky. Stretching across the day, into night. As we settle into ‘Chapeau Rouge’, an Art Nouveau house with three floors and a backwards clock.


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