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Flamboyance : Hafod Estate

A different atmosphere. Weather. Surroundings. Take the Gentleman’s walk. Thick forest. Ground carpeted. A natural softness. Balance across. Appreciate textures + colours. Signs of man. Fallen trees. Whole hearts.  Stabilise. No clumsy tripods. Steady. Satisfied. Cross the wishbone bridge. Climb upwards. Pause for breath. Study the views. Conjures images of the different seasons. Inevitability. Downwards. For every up, there is a down. Back into the forest. Hear creaking. Listen to the larches. Swaying. Tiny details. Myths of a magnificent waterfall in a cave. Unimaginable. A dark space in my mind. Sit under the trees for a while. “This might be my favourite place, so far.” Return to the journey. Winding paths. Lose sight momentarily. Flashlight on. Coolness to the face. Round the corner. Mouth drops. Flashlight off. Overwhelming sound of water falling. Unstable footing. “CAREFUL!” Fall into side. Laugh it off. Turn back. Slow shutter speeds. Unfamiliar. Other-wordly. Imagine you are on another planet. Occupying a different space.


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