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Flamboyance : Elan Valley

Lack of control. Passenger seat. Grey skies. Uncovering hidden gems. Welsh countryside. Welcome to Powys. No through road. Park the car. Textures + tones. Distant sound of a horn. Intermittent. Trespassing ? No, a farmer rounding his sheep. Calm. Return to the car and follow the roads. Houses dotted throughout the landscape. Isolated. Private. A taxi rushes past; a surprising sight. Another bridge. Each one with it’s own character. The rain crashes down around us. Wrong step. Don’t fall in. Reservoir. Crouch amongst the trees. Imagine that giants have torn them down. Sheep roam. Lambs covet warmth. Keep the camera sheltered. Try my best. Retreat. Follow the roads. Dam. One of six, in the Elan Valley. Spectacular structures. Follow the path. A different kind of rain crashes down. Great force. Winds are whipping at our legs, all around. Hair flies wildly above. Spot the island in the middle of the reservoir. Surrender. Fighting a losing battle. Numb hands. Soaked to the skin. Laugh + cry. Feeling infinite. Follow the roads. Find a tiny church. Open to visitors. A prayer for visitors. A prayer for the door. Pull the viewfinder to my eye. Condensation. Saturated. No luck. Retreat once again. Retire. Drawn to the sunset. Reminiscent of a Turner landscape. Dramatic.

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