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Flamboyance: Cambrian Mountains

Nant-y-Moch and Pumlumon Fawr. Spontaneity. Making time. Trusting other people’s plans. Saying yes. Pass three cyclists up side road. Pass a yak. Over the cattle grids. Walk the winding path. Think about the history of a place without buildings. Drop a coin. Future generation find. Man-made landscape. Reservoir. Built in 1964. Construction of dam. Drowned hamlet. Renewable energy. Modern technology. Statkraft.

nantymoch27 nantymoch26 nantymoch25 nantymoch23Round the corner. “That was an anti-climax.” Rushing. Reach the higher point before sunset. Downpour. Hysterical. Timing. Make time.  nantymoch22 nantymoch19 nantymoch18 nantymoch16 nantymoch15 nantymoch013 nantymoch012 nantymoch11 nantymoch10 nantymoch9 nantymoch8 nantymoch7 nantymoch6 nantymoch4 nantymoch3 nantymoch2

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