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Flamboyance: Afon Teifi


Researching history of workplace. Hammet House. Built in 1795. Extensions and additions. Courtyard. Postcards. Uncovered photographs. Archived. Take a walk along the river. See the ivy growing up the clock tower. Strange markings. Bricks. Wasps collecting nectar. Stables turned into holiday cottages. Skylights and satellites. See reflection of the sky in the river. Galactic. More stables. Abandoned. ‘Caution Clay Shooting’. Yellow leaves. Autumnal. Walk barefoot. Feel the different textures and temperatures. Tie shoes together. “You’re feeling brave” says one stranger to another.

afonteifi011afonteifi009 afonteifi010afonteifi008 afonteifi007 afonteifi006 afonteifi005 afonteifi004 afonteifi003 afonteifi001

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