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Flamboyance : London to Prague

Day one: Mobile phone, flooding the room with light. Off. Off. On. Dim. Off. On. A modern morse code, of sorts. Closed eyes, danced across my eyelids. Fell asleep holding onto the idea that this is what modern conversation looks like. 5:30AM start. Lift. Train. Plane. Plethora of people. But less and less contact. De-humanisation. Online check […]

Free Writing : Two

ambient pressure. optimise time. productivity. counter. “small change can make a big difference”. marketing tagline. but noteworthy. small steps toward achieving goals. community. craftsman. aesthetics. career. communal library. up and down the high street. slip into a darkened doorway. past a café. pause to look at the local notices. up stairs. join the small queue. […]