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Ceramics Collection, Aberystwyth Arts Centre

Open Call. Take a visit. Connections between sea and ceramics. Read about salt-glazing. Watch the flicker of the fluorescent strip light. On, off, on, off. Ideas bounce. Sketch outlines. Wander. Explore the textures. From a distance. Lacking the tactile quality. Photograph the artefacts. Glass windows. Glass shelves. Reflections. Ethereal. Scout shore. Hidden treasures. None uncovered. […]

Flamboyance : Cardigan Bay

A pull to the stillness. Independent to today. Cityscape; people, businesses, buildings. Development. Seascape; weather, crops. Change. Wander somewhere new. New views of daily sightings. That can happen anywhere. But be still. Here. Be alone. See everything in silhouettes. Thrown onto the backdrop of the day’s end. Brambly banks. Breathe it all in. The ebb. […]

Book : ‘How To Disappear’

shared interests. history. the ‘social life’ of an object. without personification. first book from local library. scanned the shelves. quietly attracting my attention. the thick, transparent paper. creating a haze. simplistic. but not without its focus for design. retrieve. crumples under touch. neon halftone patterns. affinity. short stories or a haphazard account of a person’s […]

Da Thirst, Stanley Picker Gallery

####SaT CHAT### presents ‘Da Chat’ with Da Thirst. SaT Chat is a new initiative by Stanley Picker Gallery Saturday Staff Perry-James Sugden, Grant Bingham and Harriet Baggley which, embracing increasing digital cultures and web identities, aims to excite, attract and entice all to CHAT with the Gallery, both in person and online. saT CHAT presents […]