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Book : ‘How To Disappear’

shared interests. history. the ‘social life’ of an object. without personification. first book from local library. scanned the shelves. quietly attracting my attention. the thick, transparent paper. creating a haze. simplistic. but not without its focus for design. retrieve. crumples under touch. neon halftone patterns. affinity. short stories or a haphazard account of a person’s […]

Capitalism & Craft.

Sometimes, I write. You can read the abstract for my current research below:   For twenty years, there has been a growing interest in craft. Inevitably this has led to an increase in the number of contemporary debates amongst reputable academics, but none have yet questioned the relationship between the existence of capitalist recuperation and […]

What’s On: IKON Gallery, Birmingham

I was in Birmingham and decided to visit a gallery that my brother introduced me to. And if you haven’t already met it, then meet the IKON Gallery. They were holding a delightfully humorous exhibition by a Japanese artist called Shimabuku. It was called “Something that floats/Something that sinks”. “Shimabuku’s artistic practice is characterised by […]