Author: Harriet Baggley

Flamboyance : Cardigan Bay

A pull to the stillness. Independent to today. Cityscape; people, businesses, buildings. Development. Seascape; weather, crops. Change. Wander somewhere new. New views of daily sightings. That can happen anywhere. But be still. Here. Be alone. See everything in silhouettes. Thrown onto the backdrop of the day’s end. Brambly banks. Breathe it all in. The ebb. […]

Flamboyance: Afon Teifi

Llechryd. Researching history of workplace. Hammet House. Built in 1795. Extensions and additions. Courtyard. Postcards. Uncovered photographs. Archived. Take a walk along the river. See the ivy growing up the clock tower. Strange markings. Bricks. Wasps collecting nectar. Stables turned into holiday cottages. Skylights and satellites. See reflection of the sky in the river. Galactic. […]

Flamboyance: Cambrian Mountains

Nant-y-Moch and Pumlumon Fawr. Spontaneity. Making time. Trusting other people’s plans. Saying yes. Pass three cyclists up side road. Pass a yak. Over the cattle grids. Walk the winding path. Think about the history of a place without buildings. Drop a coin. Future generation find. Man-made landscape. Reservoir. Built in 1964. Construction of dam. Drowned hamlet. […]

Book : ‘How To Disappear’

shared interests. history. the ‘social life’ of an object. without personification. first book from local library. scanned the shelves. quietly attracting my attention. the thick, transparent paper. creating a haze. simplistic. but not without its focus for design. retrieve. crumples under touch. neon halftone patterns. affinity. short stories or a haphazard account of a person’s […]

Free Writing : Two

ambient pressure. optimise time. productivity. counter. “small change can make a big difference”. marketing tagline. but noteworthy. small steps toward achieving goals. community. craftsman. aesthetics. career. communal library. up and down the high street. slip into a darkened doorway. past a café. pause to look at the local notices. up stairs. join the small queue. […]